Sally Ayling Jeweller.

I am a jeweller based in London. Using a range of materials, such as silver, wood, acrylic, reclaimed metals from tins, found objects, fabric and other collected items. I draw graphic images which I make in to contemporary jewellery pieces.

I have been making jewellery since 1996. I trained at Morley college in London. And did a degree in 3d craft at Brighton. So have a wide knowledge of different materials.
I have a small studio at home where I work.
Everything is handmade by me. I design all my own pieces and then translate these into jewellery. Methods I use to make my work are piercing, riveting, collaging, soldering, French crochet, and shaping on mandrels. Making the whole piece of jewellery is an important part of my work, so the clasp is as important as the rest of the necklace. If you would like to know any more about how a certain piece has been made please ask.

My latest collection is all based on British birds. If you have any questions or would like something specially made please contact me as commissions are always welcome


  1. Folksy http://folksy.com/shops/SallyAyling
  2. Itch Gallery, Oakham http://www.itchgallery.co.uk/
  3. Jessica Muir Gallery, Long Melford http://www.jmgallery.co.uk/categories.html
  4. Dunlin And Diver, Deal
  5. Infinite Playground http://www.infinateplayground.co.uk/#!__delicate-gallery
  6. Designate Products Matlock

Exhibitions and Fairs

  1. May- July 2012: The Haymakers Festival exhibition, Hay-on-Wye
  2. April 2012: Valentine Park London
  3. April 2012: Candid Arts Spring Fair, London
  4. December 2011: What We Do, London
  5. December 2011: Candid arts Christmas Craft Fair, London
  6. December, November 2011: Designer Makers Market, London
  7. November 2011: Telferscot Christmas Fair, London
  8. October 2011: Lambeth Open Studios, The Ayling Family Show, London
  9. September 2011: Irish Wildlife Matters, Drogheda, Ireland
  10. April 2009: Indigo Moss Website Launch, Bath.
  11. June 2007: Morley College Craft Sale, London.
  12. May 2007: The Secret Little Garden, Brighton.
  13. August 2006: Stokers Fair, Gloucester.
  14. June 2006: Morley College Craft Sale, London.
  15. May 2006: Secret Little Garden, Brighton.

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